21 thoughts on “How to Make 7-Figures with Instagram Ads + Shopify Drop Shipping 💵 (While Living in Thailand) #101 | หาเงินเข้าบัญชีธนาคารฟรี”

  1. Very good stuff Riley, I appreciate this interview. I'm Sold! Watched the whole video, great pitch at the end, you are right Riley. Thank you again, hope you are well, peace from Macau.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if I can have multiple instagram influencers to run my promo of my dropshipping product at the same time. And will I know how many sales come from each influencers so I can pay them accordingly to the amount of items sold on each instagram?

    I am doing this because i'm starting dropshipping and have no money to pay them upfront. So I am giving them a great deal by paying them🤑 5 dollars for each sale I make ( I am making $6 net profit ) after all calculations🤑

    Product cost
    Shipping cost
    Eprolo cost (shipping)
    PayPal fees
    Shopify fee
    Shopify store cost

    So I am making 🤑$1 net profit per item for my self🤑
    I have 70 influencers ready
    (After doing thorough research)
    All have exceptional engagement rates, real followers, and even great female audience number,since
    i am selling female niche products.

    My best influencer has 20.35% engagement rate
    With less than 800k
    And most of them aren't even running many ads some arent even running anything. Clearly they have not been approached that much to none. Since there over 500k insta influencers some are bound to be "virgins"if you know what I mean😜 take that virginity baby🤪😂🤣

    All jokes aside, 😐this a dead serious question for all ya'll dropshipping enthusiasts, entrepreneurs or what ever you wanna call it.

    PEACE 👉✌

  3. Are there any free courses, videos, or books you recommend for beginners to learn FB & IG Ads? I've watched many videos but not sure what is good and what is not. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  4. What I understood is that they are atm flipping products to safe money up? And they use an Agent to ship the products to America? Thx


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