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Just Do The WORK! – Study Motivation Video|


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Just Do The WORK! - Study Motivation Video
Just Do The WORK! – Study Motivation Video

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Mattia Cupelli – Plecotus

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Wolf of Wall Street
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do homework

Just Do The WORK! – Study Motivation Video

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  1. I'm experimenting with different types of motivational videos so I'd love to hear your feedback – what you like about this video and what you don't, because it's a bit different to what I usually do. I hope this one helps you; it took me days to make!

    "When you see someone who's the the best in the world at what they do, they're being rewarded in public for what they've practised millions of times in private" – Tony Robbins

    Thanks so much for watching! And if you haven't already please subscribe and hit the bell button (next to the subscribe button), it helps me out a lot.

    Check out my newest video:

  2. Im really failing at school right now, my teacher always call my mom and talk about how my grades are bad .. mom never pressured me .. i wanna be a successful person but i really don’t have the motivation to do it . I just stare at the tons of homework i have to finished.. i just feel so empty and don’t have the energy to stand up,tie my hair and sit on my desk

  3. ive retaken calculus at university twice. i feel so embarrassed because im failing out from not doing the damn homework. i NEED the motivation to push through. i need to graduate and make my mom proud.

  4. I always had all A’s, right now I have motivation issues, I need to have all a’s on my transcripts, I want to do better. I hope this video can help me. Really, I want to manage myself better as well.

  5. Lost all motivation to do work after Christmas break. Not only that but my progress report has good grades and I could do good the rest of the quarter to get really good grades but now I'm like f it. And that's why I'm here :) To do something about my grades

  6. I just keep telling myself to just do it because once school is over you can’t go back and fix anything (sucks when I have depression and don’t have any motivation to even take care of myself but I’ll keep trying!)

  7. what is this 18 – 22 hours of work a day?? heck no, be healthy! your health should come before your work. you need sleep and most of the time this will benefit you with your work. so please- get enough sleep!

  8. Okay so, I have 16 days to finnish ALL of my homework which is a lot. I have to read the whole book and do the questions for it and study.. 😭😥

    So I guess you, people in the comments, r not alone.. 😢


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