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MONO Group – Embracing New Normal|


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MONO Group - Embracing New Normal
MONO Group – Embracing New Normal

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The pandemic is officially more than a year old. We’ve learnt so much not only about our industry, but how to face extra challenges and react to unexpected situations. Staying safe and being well at work is our number one priority. All of us have been impacted somehow and there was an urge to make huge sacrifices. We employ hundreds of people and contribute to a key part of life- transportation.

Slowing down was something we have not experienced before, but it cleared out so many objectives. And how it’s usually said there is no rainbow without rain.

At MONO we have restructured many departments, and a number of changes have been made at the factory which we believe were right in order to move forward.

In order to ensure the safety of our colleagues and partners we have taken serious steps to maintain operation.
As a result, we would like to introduce you a few positive steps:

– we have enhanced cleaning
– providing free testings
– supporting families financially during hard times
– vaccinating employees

Transportation is an essential service and we are doing our best to contribute to the automotive industry, to keep people moving. So people can finally meet their relatives, friends in a different country, go on a well deserved road trip, or use the vehicle for a daily commute.

We are aware of everything that has been taken away from us due to this situation, but we need to embrace the new normal, do things differently, work and unite together as one big family even more than before.

– Allowing home of office when applicable.
– From a HR perspective we will create a culture of flexibility, empathy, and performance management.
– We’re striving to create a better future to our employees and stakeholders.
– We’re embedding employee health, safety, and well-being into our DNA.
– We’re redefining employee experience.
– Our people matter, therefore we’re increasing connection and communications with our employees

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mono group

MONO Group – Embracing New Normal


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Gianni Towne

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